Seeing as chiropractors are health professionals who focus on diagnosing and treating neuromuscular disorders, we can’t just pick on at random right? They also treat people who have met an accident and have badly damaged their musculoskeletal system. So whether you’ve been to one or going to meet one for the first time, here are things you should watch out for to determine whether your chiropractor is good.


1. They have strong business skills

-They could be business people you know! They have to have keen business skills because it will aid them when starting and growing a chiropractic practice. Accounting and marketing are important skills too!

2. Communication is a must

-Being able to listen to their patients and making sure their needs are met. They should also have good speaking skills to help ensure their patients fully understand their treatment plan and other information

3. Empathetic

-Know what their patients are going through and acknowledging the fact that they are feeling pain is a sign that they are good. Being empathetic helps them to comfort and put their patients at ease.

4. Focuses on you, their patient

You are their patient and should be their top priority. They are should be committed to create a relaxing treatment environment. Focusing on your treatment plan is also a must.

5. They have a good manual coordination

Their hands are their tools. They should have good hand coordination.

6. Down to earth and humble

-They should be able to tell you other facilities and better forms of treatment you-their patients- could avail. They must be able to admit that their services might not be enough and can recommend you to even better treatment; something better than what they have.

7. They are very knowledgeable

-They are rich with knowledge! Especially facts about the spine, nervous and muscular systems, movement, different kinds of exercise and nutrition.

8. Passionate about chiropractic

Their work should reflect their passion for their area of specialty. They should also believe wholeheartedly in their practice and their abilities.

9. They are able to put their patient and other people at ease

-Gentleness. They should be gentle and can make their patients feel comfortable and not anxious or nervous during the duration of their treatment

10. They have a sense of purpose

-They should work hard to become better versions of themselves. They have to understand their purpose which is to help people heal, stay and become healthy.

  • This treatment targets tissues specifically tissues that are muscular in nature. Your body benefits from massages when you have muscles spasm, overworked, pulled and strained muscles.
  • Contrary to popular belief, massages are not just pampering treatments, it has legitimate medical properties such as reduction of anxiety, helps athletes and other patients with healing properties, increasing blood flow and improving skin condition.
  • This is where chiropractors and massages therapist differ; massage therapists don’t hold a license to readjust your spine and other joints and they certainly cannot prescribe medication.