Our human body is a delicate, hard-working and multifunctioning machine. And just like machines, they can break down and it would need time and proper maintenance to get back to work. So, since our body could be just like a machine, when it breaks down it would hurt. When something in our bodies hurt, we need to get it checked and diagnosed. There are a lot of options to choose from, we could get a massage for sore muscles. But what if they aren’t just sore muscles? What if they are actually more complicated than we thought? But what if it isn’t? When do you know you only need a massage or you need to take a trip to a chiropractic clinic?


  • Your needs
    • You will most likely experience pain affecting hard tissues like your spine and joints or even soft tissues like your muscles and ligaments, that’s normal. But when they become sudden and come in waves especially in areas from past injuries like from playing sports or car accidents then that is a sign that it has ingrained and affected your body’s musculoskeletal system. You’ll probably experience chronic pain and limited range of motion, which would then result to damaged tissues. To repair and fix this, you have an option to go to your chiropractic clinic or get a massage.
    • Choosing one from the other is a common dilemma. Both methods offer a similar reason- it is a drug-free and hands on treatment. You’ll have to consider a lot when deciding which treatment to avail, first is the severity of pain, history and insurance options.
  • Massage as therapy
    • This treatment targets tissues specifically tissues that are muscular in nature. Your body benefits from massages when you have muscles spasm, overworked, pulled and strained muscles.
    • Contrary to popular belief, massages are not just pampering treatments, it has legitimate medical properties such as reduction of anxiety, helps athletes and other patients with healing properties, increasing blood flow and improving skin condition.
    • This is where chiropractors and massages therapist differ; massage therapists don’t hold a license to readjust your spine and other joints and they certainly cannot prescribe medication.
  • Do I need a chiropractor?
    • Chiropractors target disorders of the musculoskeletal and nervous systems. They can focus on hard tissues such as the spine and joints. They receive and are trained to execute both therapeutic and rehabilitative treatments. Most commonly spinal manipulation wherein they treat tissues like back and neck pains
  • Both in harmony
    • If Hannah Montana can get the best of both worlds, then so can you. Maybe it isn’t about the choice, but a perfect balance of the two to help relieve chronic pain.
    • Massage therapy could act as a ‘warm-up’ for your body to prep it before the adjustment. While chiropractic treatment targets misalignments which will then give relief to soft tissues that massage therapists prioritize.
    • Whether you’re getting best of both worlds or just settling for chiropractor or massages, you should feel free to research different facilities that offer the treatment you’re looking for. Check in the best eugene chiropractor.